[93] Peter Parker

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You are Tony's daughter

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You are Tony's daughter.


The biggest reason for Peter to visit Tony so often; was mostly to see you. It was obvious the boy liked you and spend the majority of his time at Tony's place.

His plan to spend his Friday evening there again got disrupted by his aunt May wanting to take him out for dinner. Being the sweet boy he is, couldn't reject her offer. That's why they ended up in this Chinese restaurant, Peter's mind elsewhere the whole conversation.

"I have to tell you, not a fan of that Tony Stark." May shook her head.

By hearing the name Stark, Peter finally found some interest in the subject.

"I don't get why you spend so much time at his place."

Peter blushed profoundly, "b-because it's just a very awesome place to be?" He tried to make something up, May seeing right through his weird reason.

"You sure it's not because of his daughter? What was her name again?" May asked herself and started thinking.

"[your name]," Peter whispered.

A grin spread across her face when she looked at the embarrassed boy. "I know you had plans to go there, so you can leave. Go to Stark and have a nice evening there instead of with your old aunt May," she let out a fake sob but smiled nonetheless.

Peter stood up right away with his eyes wide open out of enthusiasm, "really? You're the best Aunt May! Love you! Bye!" He exclaimed as he ran away from the table.

"Use protection!" May shouted after him with a smirk on her face.

Not a minute later Peter stormed back into the restaurant again. "Forgot my, uhm, jacket."

Aunt May blew a kiss to the teenager before he disappeared a second time, leaving the caring aunt alone again.


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