[80] Peter Parker

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You're Peter's girlfriend and know all about the heroes who manage the safety on this planet

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You're Peter's girlfriend and know all about the heroes who manage the safety on this planet. There was a meeting now.


"They really are here. Almost everyone is Peter look! I can't believe it!" you squealed as you tightly held onto Peter's bicep.

Peter grinned and he had to admit, he was just as excited as you. He wouldn't show it on the outside but every time another hero greeted him his heart would skip a beat. Not in a loving way—he only loves you after all—but in an admiring manner.

"Calm down baby, it's only people," he said with his voice an octave lowered.

You chuckled when you heard him speak. When Peter was nervous he had the habit of lowering his voice, something he had done two seconds ago.

A fairly handsome and tall man approached the two of you and he stuck out his hand. You saw Peter looking longingly at his facial hair, something he'd never be able to achieve to grow.

"I'm a fan of your work young man. I'm Doctor Strange," the man said with a somewhat hoarse deep voice. You thought it was hot, very hot.

"Ah you're the doctor who got magical superpowers after a car crash!" Peter exclaimed while he shook Stephens hand.

"Um, yeah I guess that is me. Sort of." Stephen furrowed his eyebrows and retracted his hand. 

"My girlfriend told me all about you. Don't think she's a freak. She's amazing and she worships all of you." Peter pushed you forward with gentle hands.

"Hi!" You greeted Stephen hastily before you sprinted away, going into the direction of the buffet.

Both Peter and Stephen laughed. "She's cute," Stephen said and Peter nodded in agreement.

"The cutest."


What's the greatest gift you ever got?

Benedict is a whole snack.

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