[85] Thor + Hela Odinson || part one ||

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"Don't you dare speak of me like that," Hela spat out, she swiftly grabbed the staff her brother was holding and spun it to the right with great force.

Thor groaned once he hit the ground, his head bumped on the ground rather harshly.

Hela saw that her brother had trouble standing up so she walked to him slowly with gracefulness, the calmness that was surrounding her was frightening.

The goddess chuckled and raised her arms, "I might be the goddess of death, but I do not harm those whom I love. Especially not those who are loyal to me," she said referring to you.

Her antlers were replaced with her onyx black hair as she crouched down next to the god who was still unable to move. "You know, I loved her deeply. I cared for her the most, I never cared for anyone like I did her and I never will again. Not after you took her away from me."

Another grunt left Thor's lips but not because of the pain now, "what do you mean we took her away sister? You killed her."

Hela's eyes darkened, "no I didn't. I would never, how can you accuse me of such thing?" 

Thor sat up and Hela didn't do anything to stop him. Thor waited a minute before breaking the silence.

"You didn't kill her. We didn't either. Is she still alive?"


Who's your favorite Asgardian? (or Jotunheimer of course)

I freaking love Hela and Loki
(as I might've mentioned before; I have a thing for villains)

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