[7] Bucky + Steve

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You are at a ball. You see this guy staring at you with a creepy face. You are the only female soldier in the army. He looks familiar and you think you've seen him in the military. You just ignore it and continue dancing.

Half an hour later he walks up to you. You don't see it happening because he is behind you.

You hear someone pull out a gun and you react immediately. You turn around and grab his arm which you put down to the floor.

You hear his arm break and his scream can be well heard from across the room.

"Oh I remember you now" you say with a stone cold voice.

"I told you not to challenge me again. And yet you did" you say as you let out a scoff.

"But luckily for you, we're in public now, so I won't hurt you more than I've done now" you begin to whisper as you kneel down and move closer to his head.

"You will regret this" you stand up letting go of his arm, you can see how hard you hold it. Your hand left a red spot on his forearm.

You brush off the dust on you dress and walk away with a proud smile.

You notice Steve and his friend looking at  you. People make room for you and you walk to the door. Leaving the two men breathless.


This one is a little longer then some other ones but I hope you like it! It's more about you being a badass woman soldier but in the end. It's a little about Steve and Bucky as well.


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