[82] Erik Stevens/Killmonger

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You're Erik's girlfriend

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You're Erik's girlfriend.


The countryside of Wakanda had always been your favorite part of the country. That's the reason you had asked Erik to talk there. The rustling of the wheat made you calm and the breeze always blew softly in your face, it was like the wind wanted to make sure your hair was always blown back instead of in your face.

"Hey. What is it?" Erik asked you to prevent you from walking even further. You had guided him almost across the field into the forest without saying a word, he wanted to know why you brought him here.

You let a shaky breath escape your mouth, "I-I don't think we are working anymore."

Erik's jaw clenched, he knew this was coming one point. He is aware of the fact that he had totally neglected you for the past few weeks, maybe even a month by now but he didn't show any kind of regret.

"I promise you I'll be better now. Stay with me [your name]," he said with a demanding undertone.

"No I'm not going to. You had your chance, you had multiple of them and you wasted them all. So I'm leaving and you won't be seeing me soon. I'm sorry N'Jadaka."

Erik narrowed his eyes in frustration, you only called him by his Wakandan name when you were either angry or very serious. He knew it was the latter now.

You started to walk away from your—now ex—boyfriend.

"Don't you dare turn your back on me [your name]!" Erik raised his voice with anger.

"You did it first N'Jadaka! This is over and you only have yourself to blame!" You shouted back.

Before you had hoped he would understand and let you leave, however the reality was a little less pleasant.

"You can't tell me what to do! If you try to do so little as follow me; I'll have the whole Dora Milaje hunt you down and throw you out of the country again."

With that said you turned back around and ran off. You looked back once more to see Erik standing still.

He knew you had the power to fulfill your threat so he was smart enough to let you go.

For now.


Favorite villain from marvel?

Y'all I love Erik.

I always love villains, except for one purple 🍇

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