[96] Bucky Barnes

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"We have to get away. Now." Bucky busted through the doors of the apartment where you were relaxing on the couch.

You trust your boy, so stand up right away to collect some valuable things, "Why though?" you asked, you do want a reason after all, and know who it is you're fleeing from.

"It's Hydra again, trying to take me back," he hastily answered as he randomly grabbed clothes from the closet, as long as there were clothes from him, you would have something to wear too.

After you put on your boots you walked to the cabinet and opened the drawer second from beneath. A Glock-19 gen5 handgun had been in there for a long time, waiting to finally be used.

You put it in your holster and you wore a black cap with your ponytail through the hole.

"Alright let's go then," you smirked, always in for an adventure.

Bucky opened the door in front of you and grabbed your hand to pull you with him.

When you reached the basement there was no time to spare. Bucky heaved you onto the motorcycle and the doors automatically opened while he started the engine.

In a minute you had already left the garage and were on the highway, Bucky's hair brushed your cheeks as you tightly clutches onto his jacket.

"Hold on tight babe."

Bucky feels you nod against his shoulder, "trust me, I already am," you say muffled by the jacket.


Where are you from?

I shouldn't be such a pussy and big baby and overcome my fucking fears. I'm only annoying someone with it for sure.

Almost new year and almost on the half of this book!!

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