[99] Guardians

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You are with the Guardians

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You are with the Guardians.


This fight was supposed to be finished quickly. Kill the monster in a minute, retrieve the batteries and bring them back.

That was not the case, the monster was hard to defeat, it was difficult to bring it harm. Its skin was too thick to cut through, and gunshots would strike back at the same speed, its skin worked like some sort of mirror that would reflect light.

The five guardians—excluding Groot who was on the ground—had all split up. Peter, Gamora and Drax were on the ground whereas Rocket and you were in the air.

You were, mostly, trying to cut off its tentacles. However, the monster fought back and it wasn't one to give up easily.

There was one cut on your cheek already, the blood dripping down your chin, but you paid no attention to it. Your leg did hurt, the monster had almost squeezed it off if it wasn't for Drax jumping on the tentacle.

You were very dizzy, in the beginning of the fight you had taken a hit and got disoriented for a while, but you got back up to help your friends.

Peter kept an eye on everything, and ever since you got hit he noticed you had become slower with every movement.

"Rocket you need to look up!" Peter shouted and the raccoon did as he was told. Rocket noticed too how you tried your best to avoid the tentacles of the monster, you didn't do such a great job at it.

Your head was pounding now, your eyelids became heavy and you reached for your head. You closed your eyes for a few seconds only, but those seconds were enough for the monster to retract its tentacle and swing it in your direction again.

Next thing you knew you were flying back through the air, tumbling down, you approached the ground quickly until a small hand reached for your arm and held onto you tightly.

"Quill I can't hold this for long!" Rocket shouted as he held onto your unconscious body.

Peter ran towards the spot Rocket was slowly lowering you.

"Let go! I'll catch!" Peter made sure was standing right and his eyes wouldn't leave you after Rocket let you go.

You were securely in his arms, the rest still fighting the monster but it became more tired; the fight was coming to an end.

"It's okay. I got you [your name]. I got you."


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