[84] T'Challa

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You were one of the best assassin's at SHIELD

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You were one of the best assassin's at SHIELD. They send you on a mission to negotiate with the prince of Wakanda.


The big open, silent space worked on your nerves. Your heels echoed on the slippery floor but you were used to walking in pumps, hell you even fought while wearing them.

"T'Challa, son of T'Chaka, I'm here on behalf of SHIELD. Please show yourself slowly and no harm will come to you," you said with a raised voice and broke the silence.

T'Challa and you had a past no one knew of. In the beginning of your days as a trainee, you were assigned to fulfill a small mission.

The small mission got out of hand intensely and let's just say if it wasn't for the male present in this building; you wouldn't be here to meet him.

The two of you went on some dates after that but you chose work over love back then, that's why you and him separated and both followed your own path.

You heard footsteps in a fast pace coming from the second floor above you. T'Challa jumped over the barricade, he almost flew and he landed with his knees crouched, you knew that would break the shock and were impressed by the man's skills.

"What do you want?" The prince asked with a thick accent as he stood up straight.

"You know I do not trust the people you work for [your name]." He added as he scanned your attire.

T'Challa had never seen you in high heels and a tight dress, he was surprised, he never expected that a feminine outfit like this would look this good on you, and it did. He couldn't deny he didn't find you attractive overall, not only in this outfit, the whole picture was perfect.

He found you extremely pretty.

You tilted your head slightly and sighed, "I figured you would say that so how about a drink, just the two of us. You still trust me don't you?"

A chuckle left his lips and the tension seemed to leave the both of you. "Of course I do. But on one condition," he said with a smile and paused. When you nodded he grabbed your hand and started walking away.

"It's a date."

Who's your favorite character from Black Panther?

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