[56] Natasha Romanoff

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^(Places instead of ways)^

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^(Places instead of ways)^

You recently got assigned to start your trainings for becoming an assassin.


Footsteps signaled Natasha that someone was coming her way. She didn't bother to look who it was since she was in the training area. No one from the outside could come here, no danger.

"How are they doing?" Steve wonders nodding in your direction.

Natasha gives Steve a quick glance before turning back to you and your trainer. "For what I've seen, she's a natural. She's very fast so amazing at defense. Needs more practice with punching though. She's too unsteady now, when she hits it hurts herself more than her opponent." She calmly explains.

Steve responds with a hum. "Have you been here long Nat?"

Natasha shrugs and continues watching you unbothered.

"Don't you have somewhere to be. Watching this isn't exactly fun or exciting. Perhaps your own training?" Steve nudges Natasha, making her chuckle.

"Nah, there's worse places to go. Where else am I gonna get a view like this?" She answers without taking her eyes off of you for one second.

Just after she finished her sentence you quickly turn around and flash her a smile. Not forgetting to wink at Natasha before you turn back to your trainer.

Steve laughs as he gives Natasha a pat on the shoulder.

"Looks like you're all good here. Enjoy the show Nat, but not too much," Steve adds the last part, noticing a specific look in Nat's eyes as she watches you.

"Can't make that promise Cap, can't make that promise."


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