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Loki and Thor have a good bond as brothers

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Loki and Thor have a good bond as brothers. Could be better so Loki is trying his very best to make it that.


"So... how's your girl?" Loki breaks the silence they were in a second ago.

"Ah she's so cute. Cute as ever. You should meet her really! She has the prettiest eyes, when she smiles I swear I can see them light up," Thor explains absently with a small smile on his face.

"Also when she laughs she covers her face with her hands because she tends to get shy. Her hair is beautiful, long and shiny, like my hair was before it got cut off," he grunts at the last part.

"And when she is right and I'm wrong about something, but we're in public she always does this-" he breaks a grin and wiggles with his shoulders. "this cute identical tilting her head and moving her shoulders thing. So I know I lost an argument when she moves that way. But obviously she does it infinite times more adorable."

Loki grins and shakes his head. "Sounds like she's a good one, brother."

Thor nods.
"The best."


Favorite bromance in the MCU?

May Stan Lee Rest In Peace.

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