[41] Baby Groot

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All the guardians disappear, ready to fight another monster, leaving Groot alone as usual.

Looking around Groot sees two big black boxes, attached to both are two black cords.

As the curious twig he is walks over and takes a look at the two cables. Picking them up he tries to push one into the other.

A click connects the two together and a low sound leaves the boxes. You hear it and turn back around, leaving the others in the battle.

After a few seconds the boxes start blasting the loudest music in the galaxy. Music isn't even the right word for it. It exists only of high and low pitches, creating a horrific sound. Groot covers his ears and runs away, eyes tearing up.

You quickly crouch down and rip the cables from the boxes, stopping the high pitched tones.

"Hey Groot don't cry alright? It's okay, you're fine, see? It's over," you hush him as you pick him up, pressing his tiny body against your shoulder.

"I am Groot."

"I know, I know," you whisper and press a kiss on his tiny head.


Momma y/n to the rescue.

We all want a baby Groot for ourselves.

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