[60] Scott Lang

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Scott volunteered to train you

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Scott volunteered to train you. You have some experience in the field but it was a long time ago.


With a wipe of his thumb on the screen—Scott opened the door to the training room. The interior was pretty, beautiful for a room where people will be trained to kill someone.

Sound-proof white glass kept you from being able to look outside, the outside on the other hand could examine their trainees. The training room was right in the middle of a big hanger-like building. Making it possible to look through every window—all the way around.

"Okay baby, first let's do the basics. You make sure the foot opposite to your dominant hand is in front of the other. Spread your feet, not too much, but under your hips will be stable enough," Scott explains and helps you get in position.

He puts your hands at the right height and checks your stance with a slightly tilted head.

"You know I know this already? I'm not that unexperienced." You crack your neck a little.

Scott shrugs with a smug smile on his face, lifting his right hand next to his head.

"Then show me how to pu-"

Before he could finish his sentence, you swiftly lift your fist and punch your boyfriend right under his nose. Retracting your arm, Scott winces and his hands immediately fly to his nose.

Kind of shocked you take a step back and hiss. Not being able to help it you start to laugh.

"I'm sorry. B-but, don't I have to learn," you say as you try to stop laughing, "to hurt someone instead of their hand?" you laugh and put your hand on your stomach when you feel your muscles are starting to hurt.

Scott grunts and shakes his head a little. "You do, but it isn't suppose to hurt this much!"

Scott excuses himself and leaves the room. When the doors open, laughter from some Avengers break the silence in the training room.

The doors finally close again when you fall to the ground. Trying to steady your breath you keep laughing, not able to control it.

As Scott takes care of his bleeding nose you just lie on the floor, laughing like a lunatic.


Post credit that left you most impressed?

Definitely Ant-man and the Wasp for me.

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