[68] Natasha Romanoff ~part one~

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Hydra kidnapped you and made a second Winter Soldier, you

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Hydra kidnapped you and made a second Winter Soldier, you.


Natasha was lost. You disappeared for almost two months now. To keep you off her mind, what wasn't working that great, Natasha asked to be assigned to more missions.

Natasha knew Hydra kept you hostage. Hydra had send multiple messages about your well-being, sending pictures of them turning you into a winter soldier. When a mission concerning Hydra got up Natasha immediately volunteered.

Now she is waiting in her leather jacket to see spot the target.

He's there. Her limbs get into action, seeing Bucky makes her so furious.

She approaches him and hoists her knee up, hitting Bucky in his stomach.

"You bastard! You ruined her! Now she's the same as you!" She said with a cracked voice as she continued to hit him. After a minute she noticed Bucky didn't hit her and two strong arms engulfed her from behind.

"Nat stop, Buck couldn't do anything, he's not a winter soldier right now," Steve calmly explained, still not letting go of Natasha.

Bucky takes some steps back. Maybe it was his fault.

"What is this mission then?" Natasha turns around to look at Steve.

Steve sighs and his eyes go to Bucky before he speaks up, "Bucky has to tell you something."

Natasha swiftly spins around, eyebrows furrowed. "What is it? Tell me Bucky," She asks, concern in her unsteady voice.

Never has someone seen Natasha this venerable as Bucky softly whispers, "She's gone. They send her away. I- I'm sorry Nat."

Those words are all that are necessary to make Natasha break.  


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