[63] Tony Stark

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Thanos had send you to another planet, using the tesseract

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Thanos had send you to another planet, using the tesseract.


Thanos admired the golden glove that he proudly wore as he spoke to Tony, "It appears it's just you and me now. No extra protection, but also no one for you to protect. Perhaps we can finally have a decent fight now."

Tony closes his eyes, his head slowly falling in his hands. He realizes you're lost in space. He realizes he lost the only person that he loved. So what's there to live for anymore? Tony questions himself.

Thanos doesn't wait for his answer. Instead he uses the reality stone. Twisting it into Tony's worst nightmare now.

His surroundings have changed. He's now on an onyx black planet, only darkness and fog around him. The complete silence is what freaks him out the most. That is until his eyes catch a colored object lying only a few feet away from him.

Tony immediately recognizes your body. Your hair moving in the wind, soundless wind.

"No, no! What have you done?!" Tony swiftly turns back to Thanos. Thanos smiles satisfied, "As I said before. There's no one left Stark. You're weak now, so fragile, just like her." He says pointing at your body.

"Imagine her lifeless body on an unknown planet. There's no way she survived the hit with the surface. She was weak just like you. Dead within a second."

Thanos walks closer to Tony, "and now, I'll send you to her."

Tony already gave up. He won't take his eyes off your body, awaiting death to come fetch him.

Arm slowly rising—Thanos thinks of the most painful way to end him. Once he's made his decision his lips curve into a smile.


A thud shakes the ground making Tony finally turn around. The black scenery changes back to the red planet from before.

There Tony sees the most beautiful sight he's ever witnessed.

"Guess he doesn't have to send you to me anymore."


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