[62] Peter Quill

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Apart from being Quill's girlfriend, you're also his partner during his mission

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Apart from being Quill's girlfriend, you're also his partner during his mission.


With a green girl, one you identified as a Zen-Whoberis on your heels, you jump over the bridges glass edge with ease.

After a smooth landing you quickly pick up your pace again, being smart enough not to look over your shoulder. Knowing that can only end in a disaster.

Once your eyes set sight on your, also running, boyfriend you start waving your arms.

"Hey big guy! Pass the me the damn ball before you loose it!" You shout across the square.

Quill throws the grey ball with much force yet you still manage to catch it without losing any speed.

Suddenly a rope wraps around your ankles, strapping them together. Before you hit the ground you're smart enough to throw back the ball.

"Quill! Catch!"

Now you finally meet the ground and feel someone sit atop of you, restraining you of any movements whatsoever.

"Now okay. You've got my girlfriend, I've got your-" Quill observes the thing he's holding "whatever it is you want. So how about we make an arrangement?" He says as he tosses the ball from one hand to another.

Being so busy making a deal and throwing and catching the ball he doesn't notice the walking tree sneaking up behind him.

The green girl holds together your jaws, so you can't warn him.

The bag gets put over his head quickly and you hear him shout some threats, barely audible.

Hands leave your head and force you up. You can only shake your head in disbelieve at the stupidity of your boyfriend. Still you find it funny so a soft chucks leaves your lips.

"Fucking dork."


Favorite guardian?

The guardians really are a bunch of dorks you gotta admit.

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