[24] Peter Parker

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You're the daughter of Tony Stark

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You're the daughter of Tony Stark. Peter has a crush on you since you moved to New York. He finally had the guts to ask you on a date (with the approval of your father).


"She'll come down in 1 minute kid. So, what are your plans after you eat something?"

Peter mumbles something before he says:

"I-I thought we could maybe -only if it's okay by you- go to uh.. my apartment to watch a movie?"

Peter looks at his feat waiting for the answer of his hero.

"Of course that's ok kid, but no funny business." Tony tells him emphasizing the last two words. His phone starts ringing. "Well, I have to go. Good luck kid, and if you break her heart remember who her friends are."

Peter gulps at the idea of having all of the Avengers against him. Even though Captain and Iron man had a fight a few weeks ago, and teared the Avengers apart. Team Cap and Team Iron would do everything for this girl.


You walk down the stairs confident wearing a beautiful dress. Your hair was done beautiful. Peter looks at you admiring while you walk down the stairs.

"Let's go loverboy."


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