[77] Natasha Romanoff ~part three~

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The second your eyes opened, you sat up straight in the bed. You kicked the blanket off of you and quickly pushed yourself up.

That wasn't one of your brightest moments since your limbs gave in, you don't know for how long you had been unconscious but your muscles were sore and your brain felt like a zombie was eating it out right now.

You collapse on the floor with a thud, you don't pass out but if it was a close call. Since your bodies energy was drained and you were on the floor now the you felt that you had no strength in your muscles at that moment. The energy that would usually be equally divided across your body was now trying to restrain you from blacking out, sending all its vitality to your brains.

The thud makes the other two people in the apartment aware of the fact that you had awoken.

"You go first Nat, but be careful." You hear a deep voice say, muffled in your head due to the fact that your senses are weakened.

Soft creaks of the wooden floor that became harder with each step made you flutter your eyes open again.

Natasha slowly crouched down in front of your trembling body.

"Nat?" your painful throat manages to croak out.

Tension falls off of Natasha's as well as Steve's shoulders.

"Thank god you're yourself." She takes your hand in hers.

"Of course. Why wouldn't I be?" You ask. Making Natasha and Steve grow with worry again.


Favorite marvel ship? (Stony! Stony! Stony!)

Maybe I'll do a part four... I don't know

I'm sorry for the one who requested this because I slightly adapted your idea.

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