[95] Groot

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You've known Groot and Rocket forever

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You've known Groot and Rocket forever.


After a successful raid, you always had the urge to celebrate it. Now too, had the raid been very successful, seventy-five-thousand units, split in third.

Rocket had declined your offer to join Groot and you at the bar for once. What left you alone with the cute talking tree.

"One large beer please," you ordered and handed the bartender money while doing so.

"I am groot," Groot nodded.

The bartender furrowed his eyebrows, "what?"

Groot thought the bartender hadn't heard him so he spoke a little louder this time. "I am groot."

You laughed at the scene in front of you and jumped in to help both the bartender and Groot, "just water for him please." you smiled and the bartender walked away.

Groot, shocked that you had to order for him, gaped at you with his arms dramatically raised in the air as he leaned back a little, "I am groot!" Groot rudely pointed with his large finger to the man.

"Oh don't be so offended you, big fella. You already knew people can't understand you." You patted his arm and took your drink, walking away to find a spot to sit down.

Groot huffed and looked away while strolling behind you.

When you heard him huff for a second time you turned around. With your hand, you reached for his chin and turned his face to look at you. "And that, Groot, is what makes you so special," you said with so much affection that it made Groot flash you the biggest smile you had ever seen from him.


Baby Groot or big Groot?

I love it how I know exactly what Groot says here and all you guys can do is guess.

By the way; I decided I'm not gonna stop publishing for a while after all.

Hope you guys will motivate me to write a lot by commenting and voting!

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