[92] Thor + Hela Odinson || part two ||

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Thor and Hela had ended their family feud and only focused on finding you—if you were still alive

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Thor and Hela had ended their family feud and only focused on finding youif you were still alive.


"I told you she would be here," Thor pinched Hela in her arm playfully, Hela, however, did not take it that playfully as she made Thor retract his hand with only her strong gaze.

"Yes you did, after I suggested to go here," The goddess snarled at her brother.

They now waited for you to notice the two bickering siblings. When you didn't react to any sound they decided to approach you slowly, the last thing they wanted to do was startle you.

"[your name]?" Thor called out what finally made you turn around.

Your eyes widened as you gaped at the two, "w-what are you doing here?" you tilted your head and took a step back carefully.

"I thought you'd be glad to see me," Hela said bitterly but with a small smile.

"How can I be? After you all left me alone, and let me get tortured over and over again." Your voice broke and you sighed deeply as you lowered your face to hide your broken expression.

"What?! We were not aware of that! We thought you died." Thor explained while he slowly made his way towards you.

"You got tortured? By who?" Hela clenched her fist in anger. Nobody should have dared to touch you, to mess with you and yet someone did.

You blinked a tear away that was on the brink of falling, "that does not matter anymore. What's done is done is it not?" You gave a fake smile.

"It has, but that does not mean I can forgive the person who laid a finger on you and hurt you," Hela explained not so calm.

Even though they had abandoned you, you felt relief when you see they still care about you so you nod, "okay. I'll tell you who it did. But I want to help take them down."

Hela's lips curved into a mischievous smirk, "whatever you desire darling."


Would you rather have Thor's, Loki's or Hela's powers?

I love Hela so much it's insane.

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