[13] Loki Laufeyson

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"Hey, I'm {your name} wanna get outta here?" you say as you walk over the body's you knocked down.

"I'm sorry but I do not understand this oddly weird 'outta here' you speak of" Loki glares at you.

"Well I didn't just knock these guards out for nothing did I?" you walk closer to his cell.

Loki only now noticed that you are holding something behind you.

"What is that your holding behind your back?" he questions you.

You put your arm in front of you. With that single move, a shocked look appears on his face, and not long after, an iconic, super handsome smirk on Loki's mouth.


Hey you guys!

I'm gonna make a part two of this. So I can clarify why you're freeing him and what you're holding in your hand. And I found some more pretty awesome Loki gifs (Loki is always awesome but hey). I found ones I think I can make a story with. There is more to come. You just have to be patient for a while!

We're in school right now and I want to sleep so badly. I am way too tired...


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