[47] Doctor Strange

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You and Stephen always team up in fights

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You and Stephen always team up in fights. For once you aren't in a fight with him because you're very ill.


"Too bad your pretty girlfriend isn't here to help you now isn't it?" Blackheart cackles as he's being held down by Stephen.

Due to the concentrating on keeping Blackheart down Stephen can barely talk. His hands are shaking and his arms are getting numb.

"You can't even talk back to me? That's considered a very rude habit you know," Blackheart tutted.

Blackheart doesn't seem bothered at all by the fact that Stephen is keeping him in place. "And now," he says as he raises his arms slowly but steadily, "you'll die without your precious little girlfriend."

He slams his arms back down while breaking loose. Stephen collapses to the ground right after.

Blackheart is making his way over to Stephen, seeing Stephen in such bad shape makes him feel glorious. He crouches down in front of Stephen grabbing his face.

"Bye Doctor."

"Not today miss-shaped crested porcupine," you slam a metal tube against his head, making him loose his consciousness.

"Oh and by the way? I'm not little nor precious you ratty werewolf."


I'm fucking exhausted and my head hurts like a bitch.

There's only been two weeks of school so just kill me now.

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