[33] Vision

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You haven't met Vision yet

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You haven't met Vision yet. You saw him  once, when he interrupted your mission.


"Because of him I failed my mission! They got away! Steve, I-, I had to clear this mission," you sigh.

"He wanted to help. Just hear him out {your name}," Steve says and before you can respond he calls Vision into the room.

You watch closely as Vision opens the door slowly, his head hangs low and he approaches you without making any sound.

He looks up at Steve and he begins to explain things, avoiding your gaze.

"First of all I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I should not have intruded your mission like that. But I had no choice {your name}, they were too strong and they would've killed you. If they did, then my mission would have failed too."

You listen closely to every word he says. His soft voice with a heavy accent is the most beautiful sound you've ever heard.

This news he's telling you is unfamiliar to you. You didn't know he had to save you. You didn't know his mission was to keep you alive.

"So, there may be no way to make you trust me. But I would really love a second chance."

You smile and nod. It's a small gesture but for Vision it meant the world.

He would get a second chance.


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