[58] Thor Odinson

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You never lefts Thor's side during the battle with Hela

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You never lefts Thor's side during the battle with Hela.


Pacing back and forth you await for your plan to be put in action. Thor doesn't know a thing. You'll inform him once it's put into action so there's less time for fuss.

"Princess can you please stop the nervousness. What are you so troubled by anyway?" Thor speaks calmly.

Blush spreads across your face, tinting your cheeks crimson red when you hear Thor call you 'princess'. You know he calls you that yet he always gets this reaction out of you.

You shake your head and wave your hand. "Nothing, noth-"

Low rumble erupts from, the dungeon, you guess. The ground shakes for one or two seconds.

You smirk as you acknowledge your plan had just stared.

The loud but calm voice of Hela interrupts the question Thor was about to ask.

"Who did this to my Fenris?"

You start clapping and jumping when you turn back to Thor happily.

"I did! I put him to sleep! No-, no, no I didn't kill him but I fed him some sleeping powder. Now Hela has one ally less!" You explain rapidly and very joyous.

Thor grins as he shakes his head. "You are, the worst. But so smart. Good job princess."

Again that blush, "thank you," you whisper shyly.


Fenris is the wolf, absolute squish I stan

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