[106] Bucky Barnes part one

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Normally your work days were okay, slightly boring even. You worked for shield, but mostly did work from behind desk. There were exceptions though. The days where you could do field work were fun, very exciting and sometimes dangerous.

Those days were the best day, but didn't occur that often.

Today you went to your office, private office top floor since you had a very high position. Your phone rang. Fury called you.

You immediately straightened your back, this might just be one of those days. Fury didn't call for nothing. You scraped your throat before answering the call. "Yes?"

"Miss [your name]. We have a case 97 for you, but it's more personal now. Do you think you can handle it?" Fury went straight to the point.

You furrowed your eyebrows, how hard could it be? "Yes I can handle it. Fill me in." You answered after a short think. Fury informed you and told you the matter was a vigilante, a soldier who had been sent out on a mission to murder someone. Things escalated and the soldier didn't only kill the assigned person, he injured tens of other people and killed some too.

Shield had identified the man as Bucky Barnes.


"A-are you sure it was Bucky?" You asked, cussing yourself for stuttering.

"Oh yes. A hundred percent," Fury said, persuasive as ever. "We decided to call you instead of some random person who wouldn't know how to handle this situation."

"I got my eye on you, [your name]. You know we couldn't get Steve." He said, it was his way of saying that he had his hopes on you. He only every used this phrase in that way for you and he always found his way to add something that would make you agree. This time it was mentioning Steve.

A sad smile decorated your face. Steve. Saying shield was on bad terms with him was mediocre compared to what was really going on between them. Shield screwed everything up. They created a war between the avengers and theirselves, a war that was bad for everyone like wars always are.

But not only did shield ruin their relationship with the Avengers, they ruined yours too. They forbid you to talk to them, or communicate with them in any way, otherwise they'd fire you and destroy your career.

Your relationship was incredibly good to all the Avengers. Especially to Steve, given you two shared the same love for Bucky.

Not the same kind of love, but you both cared so deeply for the boy that you two could rely on one another to not ever harm him. The two of you had made that promise.

You couldn't let someone else do this, you couldn't let someone else possibly hurt him.

After nodding to yourself and making the decision you replied. "Leave it to me."


Tell me your favorite marvel characterS so I can write imagines about them!

Next time you'll find out was your relationship to Bucky exactly was (or is)???

Sorry this was boring but it'll get more interesting in the next part (hopefully).

I'll edit this to make it better too, sorry.

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