[10] Clint Barton

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When Clint becomes distracted

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When Clint becomes distracted.


"You know my boss just doesn't respect me. I did all of my work two days before it had to be done and all he says is just do the rest. Like I worked so hard and he doesn't even acknowledge me. The least he can do is look me in the eyes. Now he just stares at his computer working." You quoted with your fingers. 

"We all know he is just playing Galaga." You started to notice that your boyfriend wasn't paying attention to what you were telling "Then there came this huge ass dragon and ate him. We may  have sacrificed him to Satan. Then talked a bit to him. He's a nice guy you know." Clint didn't made a weird face.

You clapped your hands in front of his face. "Are you even listing?" 

"No baby you look hot when you are frustrated." He kissed you. It ended in a whole make out scene and something more in the bedroom.

Extended end.

"Is {your name} a friend of Satan?"

"Why- what how do you came up with that Thor?"


So I failed the economy test but I still have the German test to get a great grade on so let's get back to learning. There won't be as much activity like there normal is.


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