[23] Avengers

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They think you are a bad guy when they find you unconscious in the avengers tower

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They think you are a bad guy when they find you unconscious in the avengers tower.


"I haven't seen her before."

"Shit she's waking up!"

"Language Tony." Captain America glances at Tony with an irritating look how many times is he suppose to say it before he learns it.

"What. Where am I?" You wake up slowly opening your eyes seeing you idols standing in front of you ready to attack you.

"You are RDJ, Jeremy, Mark, Scarlet, Chris and Chris. Why are you all dressed up?" You ask them trying to keep your fangirling as low as possible.

"Did Hydra send you?" Chris Evans or Steve Rogers asks you.

"Is this some kind of prank? Well it isn't working the camera can come out now." Nothing happens. "Nice try Marvel."

They look at you with bewildered looks. "So you work for Marvel." Tony states.

"No you don't get it you guys are fiction you aren't real. You are comics transferred into movies." You tell them.

"She is speaking the truth."

"And how do you know that Man of iron. The girl is lying." Thor booms.

"No Tony is correct this time." Natasha agrees. "I could see it in her eyes."

"Loki just attacked didn't he. You are going to send him to Asgard again?" You think of the time line in all the movies and comics. In the real world they already were filming Avengers infinity war.

"Can I do anything to prove it?"

Steve Rogers speaks up: "Yeah who was my best friend?"

"That's an easy one. James Buchanan Barnes but you call him Bucky." And he is alive you think after your statement.

"Tony do you know a way to send her back?"

"I'll try. Do you know what is going to happen next?"



An open end I am sorry. We're sorry for not uploading in such a long time -three days- we will try posting every day or at least once in two days! Did you guys already see Avengers infinity war trailer? We saw it when it was on YouTube for like 20 seconds! We are so excited but I am also very terrified that Loki or someone I love is gonna die.


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