[46] Natasha Romanoff

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You were slightly drunk at a party

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You were slightly drunk at a party.


You looked around and saw a red headed woman on the couch. You recognized her instantly, Natasha. The woman you love.

You in some way (it may have been the alcohol) you gather the courage to talk to her.

"Uhm, hello Natasha," you greeted her awkwardly.

The conversation went smoothly until the moment you fucked up.

"I love you Natasha."

She smiled sadly. "No, you don't. You're drunk, and don't know what you're saying."

"No-no-no. I'm not. Well I'm drunk, but I do love you. So so so much like the love I have for puppies, but multiplied like hella lot."

You weren't making sense, but Natasha smiled. A real smile this time.

"We will talk in the morning."


I dunno, what this is, but yeah. Hope you enjoyed!!

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