[66] Bucky Barnes

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You never left your boyfriend's side

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You never left your boyfriend's side. Meaning you'd stayed in Wakanda for over the past few months.


The friends you haven't seen in such a long time finally exit the fastest ship from the Air Guard.

A warm hand gives yours a reassuring squeeze, looking up you see Bucky smiling down at you. Captain is there first one to reach Bucky and you. Natasha closely following.

Natasha engulfs you in a tight hug, her voice is muffled by your hair, "Hi cutie, I missed you."

Your body relaxes in her arms, feeling completely safe. "I missed you too."

The boys just shake each other's hands, holding on longer than normal however.

"How've you been Buck?"

Bucky's gaze goes to you for a second before answering with a content smile. "Good."

Steve follows his gaze and snickers, "how has she been doing here?"

"Man do you know how smart she got?" Bucky says filled with enthusiasm, "she's always been smart but she can now speak Wakadan, Hausa and is almost fluent in Yoruba!"

You turn back around when you hear Bucky loudly talking about you. His arm automatically snakes around your waist, pulling you even closer.

"My girl is the smartest person on this planet. And no one can prove me otherwise."


What's the last movie you saw in the cinema?

Fantastic beasts crimes of Grindelwald is a really good movie.

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