[55] Peter Quill

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You recently joined the avengers and got called to go with them to space when things escalated

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You recently joined the avengers and got called to go with them to space when things escalated.


"It's actually quite pretty and nice here don't you think?" you say when you trace a red stone with the tops of your fingers. The metallic like bronze tints the skin from your right hand. When you hold your hand up, letting the sunbeams hit it, it starts shimmering like little diamonds.

"Nice? Being trapped on this planet? With a bunch of fools who call themselves 'Lavenders' is your kind of nice?" Quill spats out in disbelieve.

You drop your freshly colored hand next to your body before pointing your index finger from your left hand at him. "Hey! First of all, it's the 'Avengers'," you explain and articulate very clearly. "and second of all, I'm apart of those fools!" you push Quill slightly back and huff.

"Dude, not necessary." Quill says taking a  step back and lifting his arms in a surrendering way.

"Shouldn't have insulted me then." you shrug and turn back to observing the highlighted parts of your hand.

"Yeah well y- you, you shouldn't have-" Quill sighs heavily deciding to give up, dropping his shoulders. "Ugh never mind."

Spinning back to him you flash one of your sweetest smiles. "That's what I thought."

During this whole argument you did not once notice all the others staring at you and Quill. And with all the others, I mean all.

"What exactly is it that they do?" Parker asks confused, pointing in your direction.

"I've no clue kid, but they're supposed to be on the same team." Tony shrugs and the others all hum in agreement.

"Weird pair they make, but kinda cute already."

And again; everyone agrees.


Specially made for youuu. How are y'all doing?

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