[20] Tony Stark

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Tony takes you on a date to watch the sunset on a rooftop

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Tony takes you on a date to watch the sunset on a rooftop.


"So which sandwich do you want?"

"I want the one with old cheese" Tony grabs the sandwich and hands him over to you. "Did you make them self?"

He pulls up his eyebrow. "I am Iron Man of course not. I don't have time to make a silly sandwich." You shake your head and laugh at him.

"I could have known."

He grabs you by your waist and pulls you closer. You close the gab between you lips and kiss him roughly. Fighting on dominance you tangle your fingers in his hair. He groans in your mouth.

"Let's take this somewhere else shall we?" He asks looking at you suggestively.


I have a pickwick question for you guys. How would a writer describe you if you were in a Roman?


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