[83] Stephen Strange

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Stephen had to look back in time to find a very valuable object

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Stephen had to look back in time to find a very valuable object.


"The choice is yours Stephen, but remember, scars are often the ugliest parts of a living being," Wong said slowly before walking away to the entree, the big doors closed behind him and shut with a low thud.

The book with spells was openly displayed in front of Stephen, the pages allured the doctor in a way he hadn't experienced in his life before.

He took a step closer and read through the ancient language one more time with all his attention.

If he were to mess the task up he would waste the only chance they had to find it.

With one deep breath Stephen opens the hanger on his neck, the green light from the time stone reflected in the mirrors, coloring the whole room emerald.

Two holograms appeared around his arm as a sort of strap, and a circled one in front of his hand. He didn't want to go back in time completely, he only wanted to observe.

Stephen rewinded to the exact time and place he was destined to go to. He remembered it like it happened yesterday. The memory was printed into his brains and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't let it go.

He stopped the rewinding, everything started to play in a normal tempo. Something inside Stephen's chest stung piercingly as he laid eyes on you.

He shook his head short and focused on the reason why he was doing this. The object was in your hands still as you struggled to push your way through the crowd.

Already knowing what was going to happen Stephen looked elsewhere. A big tall man had cleared a path to you with ease because of his appalling appearance.

Without hesitation the man shot you in your head. It had happened so quickly you barely even saw you murderer.

Your lifeless body collapsed in front of the eyes of innocents. Elderly, adults, teenagers, children saw a stranger being killed in cold blood. Even the cry of a baby blared across the street.

Stephen couldn't watch anymore and fell down to the ground together with your body. The hologram faded away. Stephen had tried so hard to suppress his feelings, but he couldn't take it anymore.

Soft sobs escaped his lips when the tears that were trapped for so many years released themselves and they flowed down his cheek.

The doors opened again, Stephen wiped his tears away. He didn't want anyone to see him crying.

"Did you figure it out?" Wong entered the room again, completely oblivious to his colleagues tear stained cheeks and red puffed eyes.

"Y-yes. I know who stole the reality stone."


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