[39] Tony Stark

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"{Your name} watch out!" Tony flies to you as fast as he can.

He reaches you just in time and bumps into you with much speed.

The force makes you fly back, you can't control your suit and crash on the hard concrete floor.

Your head tolls and you hear loud crashes. Sitting up slowly you open your helmet and see  a dozen cars falling down.

"Tony?!" You quickly regenerate your shutdown suit.

"Hey! Somebody help me!" You start pushing the cars away, trying to get to Tony.

"I'm okay! {Your name} I'm alright." You hear Tony groan.

You let out a sigh of relief.
"You idiot why did you do that?"

"No thank you? I just saved your life miss," Tony shouts from underneath the cars.


I don't know if we have asked this before but;

Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

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