[59] Heimdall

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During Infinity War

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During Infinity War


A soft sigh escapes Heimdall's plump lips. He sits down next to you and grabs your hand, squeezing it once.

You speak up before your husband can. "No. That's it. You're not sending me away. I'm staying with you." You make your final decision.

Heimdall nods. "I figured you would say that. So I've made up my mind. I'll stay with you at all costs."

You're somewhat confused but get yourself together again. You didn't expect him to allow you to stay with him.

"Okay. I'll help you out wherever I can."

Heimdall chuckles, "I'd rather you staying with me so I'll be able to protect you than sending you somewhere else and not knowing how you are holding up." His hand didn't leave yours and Heimdall now started rubbing circles with his thumb. "But prepare for the worst. We face an enemy only known to a few. I'll protect you and make sure no one will hurt you, but be careful."

The corners of your lips curve into a small smile before breathing out, "Good. Don't leave me."



What are you scared of?

I should get over my phobias. They ruin everything.

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