[38] Peter Parker

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Peter was talking with Karen about you while swinging around

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Peter was talking with Karen about you while swinging around.


"So I just have to be there for her?" Peter asks.

"Yes Peter, that's all you have to do. And surprise her from time to time. She'll love that."

Peter hums, "But, you know, that's gonna take a lot of effort you know! And I'm Spider-Man now so I won't have all the time, how am I going to give {your name} what she deserves?"

"You'll have to divide your time, give her as much as love as she deserves and at night fulfill your duty as a hero."

"She deserves so much. Much more than I can give her." Peter sighs.

Peter keeps swinging around and falls down. Making Karen laugh. Groaning he sits up again.

"If my relationship will be as great as my swinging then I'll have problem," he says, rubbing his lower back.


What Spidey suit do you prefer?

Have you missed us?

Probably not it's only been a few days (:

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