[89] Steve Rogers + Thor Odinson

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*I don't know what those things are called they fight in infinity war in Wakanda so I'll call them demons. Fight me. *


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Being supposed to wait patiently while more than half of the people you are close with are out on the field, fighting to prevent the world from ending, was not something you had ever been good at.

This was the exact same, yet way worse. The previous battles had never been as crucial as this one.

You had to look from behind the big windows, accompanied by Shuri who was also told to stay inside.

"Whyyy," Shuri whined and stomped her feet again, shaking you out of your thoughts.

"I want to go out there and be able to actually help them! Not just stand here and watch them all get slaughtered by those ugly demons," the young girl added.

"Then let's do that!" You shouted and already started running towards the exits. A gun was the only thing grabbed before you left the safe haven, you were already dressed in a suit for extra safety.

Shuri followed you instantly, taking her new gadgets with her.

You made your way past the demons quite easily, you shot some but most of them ran towards the same place you were running. To the place all the heroes were fighting.

"[your name]? Are you here too?!" Thor shouted to you with a smile.

"Thor!! I didn't know you were on earth!" You ran to him and jumped in his arms, completely ignoring the battle around you.

His big arms caught you with ease and spun you around, that was not because he missed you but because he had to kill a demon that was coming up from behind.

"Thanks." You patted his shoulder and turned around to find demons making their way to Steve from behind.

Your eyes widened and shouted Steve's name, when he didn't react you ran up to him, the demon had pushed Steve to the ground already but you hit the gross monster from behind as hard as you could, sending him back to where he came from.

"Did I really just safe Captain fucking America's ass?!" You exclaimed and waved the gun around in the air.

Steve grinned and turned around after he heard your cheerful remark. "Yeah you did sweetie," Steve replied impressed as he pushed himself up, letting it slip for once that you used vulgar words.

Only until you accidentally fired a shot in the air with the gun in you held, you realized that it might've not been the smartest action.

"Sorry." you bit your lip and smiled, way too happy given the situation you were in.

Thor yelled from behind, "yes [your name] you rock baby!" and Steve couldn't help but laugh too.


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