[98] Tony Stark

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You are Tony's spouse

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You are Tony's spouse.


The whole mansion was filled with a mix of grunts from Tony, the sounds of objects crashing, Tony's voice, the sound of machines and the sound of you munching away on chips.

With chips already in your mouth and the bowl in your hand you walked to the couch and plopped down on it. The television turned on automatically and now the only mission left was to find something fun to watch.

You didn't even bother to look what the channels had to offer so instead went to Netflix straight away.

You opted for a movie, bird box, one you had heard a lot about and the reviews were incredibly positive.

Half an hour into the movie you reached for you bowl again, however, your hand met the cold material from the bowl.

After you paused the movie you ran to the kitchen so you could be back as quick as possible, this time with chips.

When you heard the nth crash from the basement you decided to check on your husband. You followed the stairwell and on your way down you had to avoid some mechanical pieces that were scattered on the stairs.

Once downstairs you saw Jarvis pointing his fire extinguisher to Tony who was dressed half in suit, half in normal clothes.

"No! Ah ah ah ah ah!" Tony raised his arm to prevent Jarvis from drenching him with water.

You laughed and folded your arms on your chest, "what's going on here?"

Tony looked up and smiled, "Hi babe! Didn't see you there."

Hello [your name] Jarvis greeted you politely.

"Something caught fire and Jarvis extinguished it but now, he wanted to spray me too." Tony pointed at the stubborn machine.

You grinned and walked over to Jarvis to whisper in his, nonexistent, ear.

Seconds later Tony was soaking wet.

"What the hell? What did you say to him?" Tony said and shook his head like a puppy, the water drops flying around.

You walked back to the doors again and smirked. "That he had permission to spray you. You haven't had a shower in days and you stink. Don't wanna lay next to that in bed tonight," you explained while shrugging one time.

"Fair enough," Tony mumbled as you walked back upstairs to continue to watch the movie.

Do you you have Netflix or another streaming service?

Did you watch bird box? It's so incredibly good I love it.

Please recommend me some good shows or/and movies!

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