[90] T'Challa + Steve + Natasha

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The Avengers and Wakanda were currently having a disagreement

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The Avengers and Wakanda were currently having a disagreement.


Steve and Natasha had never expected to get a warm welcome. They were correct and the moment they exited the aircraft they were confronted by the king and the Dora Milaje who greeted them cold and fearlessly.

"Captain. Agent." T'Challa nodded at the two heroes. Steve and Natasha halted a few feet in front of them to keep a polite distance.

"T'Challa, you know why we are here don't you?" Steve questioned as he put his hands behind his back.

"Of course I know. We all know, and we are not willing to give you that what you want."

Steve and Natasha both sighed and Steve closed his eyes to calm himself down. They needed this and if they wouldn't succeed the consequences could be catastrophic.

"Please, T'Challa you have no idea how important thi-" Natasha got interrupted by the loud sound of doors opening.

"You cannot decide for me brother," you said and closed the doors behind you, the Dora Milaje cleared a path to reveal you already dressed in a tight suit, ready to leave Wakanda.

"Just because you are king does not mean you decide in which battle I will take place and in which I will not." You shook your head slightly.

"[your name] no-" T'Challa took a step forward and held onto your arm tightly.

You shook him off with ease and walked over to Steve and Natasha, standing between them before you politely bowed your head a little.

"Now if you will excuse me, I have business to attend to."


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