[64] Peter Parker

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"Hey everyone!" Peter said, but Peter's voice just had to crack after the moment he made an epic entrance.

"Shit." Peter whisper shouted.

You watched from afar and chuckled while fixing your ponytail. The heroes next to you couldn't suppress a smile as well.

Peter looked at you with big eyes. Damn she's pretty. And hot. Being very careful no one would hear him, Peter started mumbling. "Karen she's smiling. Is that a good thing? It's bad isn't it? Shit she's so cute. Why did my voice have to screw me over? Stupid voice."

I think it's a good thing Peter. She's tugging her hair behind her ear, it's usually a sign of flirting or being interested in something. Would you like to know more about it?

"No I'm good thanks." Peter answers rapidly, still following your movements with his eyes.

With a deep sigh Peter mumbles again, "you can better give me tips on how to impress someone. Won't work anyway."

Little did Peter know, a specific person from the other team was already impressed by the boy. Very impressed.

Here's a list for you Peter. Be polite. Think before you sp-

"Karen stop! I was kidding! Shush!"


Karen, Friday or Jarvis?

Ah I love Peter. What a cutie.

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