[74] Natasha Romanoff ~part two~

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Natasha finally found you

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Natasha finally found you.


Months have passed, feeling like eternity for an impatient red haired woman. She had spent all the time she could on figuring out where Hydra sent you.

After a lot of sleepless nights, Natasha finally got into Hydra's systems. It was not certain where you were but after she tapped some phone calls she knew about your whereabouts.

Steve flew with her, permission granted from Phil. And because Steve and Natasha weren't sure whether you were a winter soldier now or still yourself; they had a plan.

They broke in at hydra and got you out of there after they had put a small amount of chloroform on a cloth and made you unconscious with it.

In the small apartment where they hid there was only one bed and one couch. Also one small fridge in a tiny kitchen, but since there was no power, it had no use. The bathroom, well if it was even qualified enough to be called a proper bathroom, consisted of a toilet that had to be flushed using water from a bucket and a tub from about 3 feet with an, only cold water, faucet.

Steve put you on the bed, it was currently 2;46 am, 16 minutes after Natasha and Steve got you out of that hell hole.

"Do you think she'll be okay?" Natasha anxiously asks, she's on the couch next to Steve, both keeping an eye on you.

"I don't know Nat, we have to expect the worst. Be prepared for a fight." Steve shrugs.

Natasha looks at Steve, she only now realizes how much he has done for the both of you. If it wasn't for him-- you wouldn't be in the same room as your girlfriend right this moment. Natasha nudges Steve with her shoulders gently, "Thank you Steve, thank you," she says as she grabs his hand.

Steve puts his arm around Nat and she leans her head on his hard shoulder automatically. "No problem. Now get some rest Nat, I'll wake you up later."

And Natasha does just so, falling into a slumber after she closes her heavy eyelids.


Are you more excited for Captain Marvel, Spidey FFH or Endgame?

Part three will be up soon! Hope you all liked this weird crap.

Now I want the spidey: ffh trailer...

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