[87] Bucky Barnes

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Bucky was out doing some early morning shopping while you were still snuggled up in bed surrounded by your warm and cozy blankets.

After he went to grab some fruits he saw a market stall he wouldn't normally be interested in but since he was going to make you breakfast in bed, he might as well get you a little gift.

"Good morning sir," the marketer greeted him with a nod.


To be fair, Bucky had no knowledge of jewelry in general. He understood why people gave it such high values.

The often shiny objects divided the poor from the arm, they acknowledged ones status but could also be deceiving. Everyone can find a way to get jewelry, even the people with bad characteristics, they're like magpies. They are everything but kind hearted and still own valuable objects.

Bucky settled on a more casual necklace. The design was simple yet original. He pointed at it and the man took it out of the stall.

Bucky cleared his throat as he observed it closer, "Uhm, do you think she will like this? I bet it'll look really good on her, of course it would, she always looks good, and this color matches with her eyes! I should get it for her. She has to like it, she deserves the world after all. Yeah, okay I'll buy it," Bucky explains to the stall owner who's watching him with a small, decent smile on his face.

"Gift for your girlfriend?"

In contrary to the market man, Bucky flashed the biggest smile he could ever give. The smile he always used when he was around you and the smile he always used when he was talking about you.

"Hell yeah."


What's your favorite kind of fruit?

Gotta love them peaches 🍑

I wanna cuddle, it's the best.

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