[86] Peter Parker + Tony Stark

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You worked for Stark Industries and were really close with Tony

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You worked for Stark Industries and were really close with Tony. You lived in his mansion and he knew about your relationship with Peter.


Neither Peter nor Tony remembered what it was exactly that had started their argument. Probably about Peter swinging around the city whenever he got the chance.

"Alright I'm leaving," Tony said and straightened his jacket after he stood up.

"But I didn't make my point yet!" Peter stood up as well. When Tony wanted to open the door Peter's reacted quickly and activated his web-shooters by pressing his middle fingers against the device.

"Are you kidding me kid? I only wanted to leave because I was about to pick up your girlfriend from the airport." Tony grunted.

"W-what? [Your name] is back already?! And you didn't tell me?!" Peter ran to his desk and started throwing papers that were scattered around on the top to the ground.

"What are you doing?" Tony raised one eyebrow at the weird behavior of the teenager.

"I have to find the- the, what's it called, ah yeah, the choker I bought her!" Peter mumbled to more to himself than to Tony, once he found the jewelry in a paper bag he smiled brightly, "Okay let's go!"

Tony sighed deeply and shook his head when Peter turned around. "Aren't you forgetting something?" He said while he pointed to his hand that was plastered to the door.

"Oh right. Sorry," he blushed.


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