[35] Wanda Maximoff

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During a battle Wanda lost you

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During a battle Wanda lost you.


"Wanda?! Wanda?!" Pietro scans every corner, trying to catch a glimpse of his sister. He starts running around and finds her after a few seconds.

He shoots to her and makes sure she's okay, "Wanda, what happened, are you okay?" He asks with a very concerned and heavily accented voice, caressing her cheeks.

"I failed. I lost her Pietro, I lost her," she says as her voice breaks, biting her lip to fight the tears.

"I'll find {your name}, wait here," Pietro quickly presses a kiss against her forehead, making a tear roll down Wanda's face.

Before Pietro can leave she grabs his wrist, making him turn back around.

"You don't understand."
Wanda shakes her head, crying by now.

"She's dead."


What Marvel movie was the first one you ever watched?

Wanda is amazing don't you think?

I miss Pietro so much, I loved him after the first minute and I lost him not long after...

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