[52] Doctor Strange

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When Stephen was away you got bored so decided to dance around the house

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When Stephen was away you got bored so decided to dance around the house.


"... in the USA, yeyieyieyiey it's a party in the USA," you scream more so than sing whilst ending in an over the top end pose.

The next song comes on and you immediately change your happy cheery face into a sexy and serious one.

You begin clapping on the beat and doing the dance. "All the single ladies! All the single ladies. All the sing-"

A door swings open and Stephen walks through it. You turn your head around and plead a quick hello before continuing your performance.

"As a 'single lady', don't you want to give me a kiss?"

Not stopping dancing you walk over to your boyfriend. The aforementioned patiently waits for his promised kiss. He already feels your hot, toothpaste scented breath on his lips, but right before he can do so much as touch them you spin away on your heel.

"If you beat me in a dance off, you can get your kiss," you propose. "Unless you're smart and know you can't beat me and back out already."

Stephen scoffs.
"Try me, Beyoncé."


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