[57] Loki Laufeyson

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The tension in the air is more than present. When grandmaster asked Loki and Valkyrie to find Hulk together—he didn't know how much they hated each other. But even if he had known, he couldn't have cared less.

"It's stupid how you let your feelings get in the way just now. If it wasn't for you doubting the safety of your 'loved one' you could've gotten this task all by yourself." Valkyrie spits out because it's also in disadvantage for her. Now she has to do this with Loki instead of alone or not at all.

With a big roll of his eyes Loki decides to tease the aforementioned. "Shame you don't know love. Or.. do you but did you lose it?"

Anger boils up inside of Valkyrie but she doesn't let Loki's words affect her.

"Well if it wasn't for your pethatic, weak, ugly girlfriend I wouldn't be stuck here with you." She quickly walks on, regretting her words now but somewhat satisfied.

With clenched fists Loki roughly grabs her wrist.

"Don't you dare say a word. Don't. You. Dare. Or it'll cost you greatly."

The fury in his eyes persuade Valkyrie to give a small nod. Also the pain in her wrist was starting to get less bearable.

"Leave the two of us alone, understand?"

A whimper escapes Valkyries lips as well as a softly spoken "yes."

Throwing her arm back Loki walks through the doors, slamming them shut behind them. The sound not even coming close to explaining how furious he actually is.


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