[21] Loki Laufeyson

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Part two

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Part two


"I take that smile of yours as a yes?" you grin.

"Well you will have to open this door first darling" he says.

You nod at him and turn around. You look at the room where you're in. Body's cover up the floor, you step over them and try to avoid the blood that's on the floor. You take one more step and you stand in front of the control panel.

"Which button do I need to push?" you ask louder.

"You are from this world. Your should know, don't you think?" he replies

"Now don't get all cocky there. I don't know much about technology either." you glare at him.

"What about this one?" you point at a red button.

"No do not touch or even come near that button!" he snaps.

"I thought you didn't know anything about technology" you say sarcastically.

"I didn't until Fury threatened me, and told me what precisely that button would do" he points at the panel.

You bicker for a few minutes until you think you found the button that will open the cell. You press it and look at the door, that opens immediately.

"Could you not have done that earlier? I have been locked up long enough" he walks out of the doors.

You start walking to the exit too and he walks next to you. You open the door and see soldiers everywhere. But by your surprise they don't even give you a glimpse.

"Wha-, why-, how can they not see us?" you stammer.

"I've cast a protection spell. You can thank me later" he walks forward, you can see his ego get bigger, if that is even possible.

Your head turns read the second he finished the sentence. Maybe he didn't even mean it like that but still.

"Let us leave this odd place now, shall we?" he offers you his hand.

You look at his hand, back up into his eyes, and back to his hand.

"You don't expect me to hold your hand do you? Or are you scared?" you mock at him. 

"No, of course not you mewling quim. If you do take it, I will be able to teleport us away, just take my hand" he rolls his eyes.

You take his hand with the only free one left. In your other hand you still have the thing that made him go with you.

His hands are stone cold but a warm feeling spreads across your spines.

"Let's go"


This is a part two! There will be a part three because you still don't know what you're holding and what persuade him.


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