[49] Peter Quill

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You were send on a quest to arrest Peter Quill

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You were send on a quest to arrest Peter Quill. A very annoying ravager, famous because of his mouth that he can't seem to shut up. 


"Okay Quill, take your jacket off slowly and spread your legs in at least a ninety degree angle." You explain with a gun pointed at the freshly caught thief.

"Want me to spread my legs eh? Should I just take off my pants as well?" Quill flashes you one of his handsome smirks.

Ignoring the blood rushing to your cheeks you suppress a grin and stand your ground.

"I don't have all day Captain Kirk."

Quill is very surprised that you just mentioned someone from a movie of Earth. "You know Star Trek?!" he gasps.

"Uh yeah isn't that your undercover something name?" you reply, knowing your facts.

He sighs, "I'm Star-Lord, man."

You snicker at hearing the most wanted vigilante's name.

"Yeah sure honey, and I'm a Disney princess."


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*just so you know, you don't know that star lord is Peter*

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