[97] Loki Laufeyson

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Loki and you were getting married

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Loki and you were getting married.


The tall man, Thor, approached Loki with open arms with a big grin on his face, "brother! Congratulations on your engagement!" He said, he wrapped his arms around Loki's who froze, he hadn't seen Thor in a long time and this meeting was something he did not see coming.

"Yes. Thank you?" Loki pushed Thor away and made sure there was an appropriate amount of distance between them.

From behind his back, Thor showed Loki a thin rectangular velvet box, he opened it and inside was a necklace he recognized to be one of his mothers. "My gift to you, well, more for your fiancée but I hope she will enjoy it very much."

"How do I exclude the possibility that you mean harm? I did not even invite you to the wedding." Loki eyed the necklace carefully, expecting it to explode once he would touch it.

"Because I really want to meet the love of your life!" Thor exclaimed and closed the box to hand it to Loki.

Loki took it and walked away, "Okay. But before you meet her, you should know, it's a him." When he looked over his shoulder a smirk was plastered on his face as he added, "but I still think it would look rather beautiful."


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