[45] Steve Rogers

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Steve was going to get injected by the serum

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Steve was going to get injected by the serum.


"This is going to be everything but pleasant Steve, you have to keep that in mind," Peggy says whilst rubbing circles on Steve's hand with her thumb.

"I think I'll manage." Steve nods assuringly before being called over by Howard Stark.

Steve strips from his shirt, leaving his pale, bare chest on display. Howard gives instructions to Steve on how to stay calm and keep breathing whatsoever. Two leather belts get tightened around both of his wrists, making sure he'll stay in place before tightening the same belts around his ankles.

"I've told you before but, this might trigger some memories from the past and I'm not talking about the good ones. So Steve, you ready?" Howard asks.

Steve shrugs, "As ready as I'll ever be."

As soon as the capsule closes the sound of releasing air fills the room where tense people are watching in anticipation of the final result.

Steve is isolated form the outside world but soon finds out he is far from alone. Needles stab into his arms like daggers. The serum is slowly spreading through his veins.

Steve winces and closes his eyes to remain calm as the effect of the fluid is starting to kick in.

Images of his childhood start to show up, all very short fragments but they make Steve remember events that he would never recall if it wasn't for the blue fluid flowing in his body now.

"Stevie hold me!" A voice echoes through his head, a voice he hasn't heard in an immense long time.

Another memory comes into his mind.

"Can you help me Stevie?"

The voice belongs to a tiny girl, pointing to a bright red apple hanging in a tree, waiting to be harvested.

With big, squinted eyes the girl observes the taller boy as the jumps back down from the tree. The apple almost reflecting red light in the sun beams.

Her lips curve into the biggest smile when she takes the apple from him.

"Thanks Stevie."

His heart warms up at the remembrance of his youth.

The light is now taken over by a sudden darkness, a red yellow glow in the distance. Crackling wood heard from afar and smoke as black as coal hiding the blue sky. The once sweet voice is now making the most repellent sounds. Screaming whilst slamming on a door.

The girl is screaming for help, calling for someone, anyone who might be able to help her.

But Steve was too late.

His eyes open in shock as air hisses when the capsule opens again. Everybody asks him if he's okay. But there's only one thing haunting his mind. That one memory.

"{your name}"


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