Hurt Ribs/Asthma Attack-Harry

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This was requested by @5sos2015bae .  I know a 'Harry' one was longtime overdue!  Hope everyone enjoys it. 

Words: 2,325

Full of energy and adrenaline from the concert high, Liam spotted Harry and charged at him at full force. Harry had no idea of Liam's plans to jump on his back and was walking casually around the stage, holding the mic at his face. The whole night had been like this: playful and fun and as usual, filled with water puddles from their water bottle fights.

It was basically a recipe for disaster.

Harry felt a heavy something collide with his back and he bent over, slipped in a water puddle, and headed straight for the metal seats on the stage. His chest hit it with a lot of force and he nearly died from the pain.

Liam was able to catch himself from falling, his mouth forming a large 'O' when he saw Harry bent over the seat, not moving. He quickly rushed over to check on him. Louis must have seen the accident occur because he, too, moved over there speedily.

The music was still playing and they still all had to continue singing. Liam's solo was next so he moved out of the way for Louis to check on Harry while he sang his part. Niall and Liam met up at the center of the stage as Niall viewed what was happening from afar since he would be singing next.

Louis put a hand on Harry's shoulder and asked if he was okay. He really started to worry when Harry shook his head, without even so much as glancing at Louis. "Honey, what's wrong?"

Harry finally looked up, his eyes filled with pain. "My chest hurts." He turned over on his side and winced. 

Panic filled his core as anxiety was beginning to take over. "Can you stand?" Louis asked. Louis lent out a hand and Harry grabbed it. Louis pulled him up to his feet.

It was now Louis's turn to sing, so he did the best that he could even though he was out of breath from worrying so much, his heart slamming against his chest. He could feel his mouth getting drier. He started roaming closer to the fans because they were still, after all, at a concert and they had to perform.

Meanwhile, Niall and Liam began walking Harry's way and Liam apologized for what he did. "Are you okay, mate?" Liam asked, putting a hand to his shoulder.

Harry was frowning, looking like he was sick. His cheeks had lost their color and his eyes were dull, void of life. "No, I slammed my chest into the seats. It really hurt."

Harry's solo was up next and all boys were now looking at him. Harry pulled the mic to his lips and was going to try to sing. He took in a deep breath for air and pain ripped through his ribs on the right side, making him grimace. He lowered the mic and put a hand to his chest to ease the ache, but it didn't help any.

Louis immediately starting singing Harry's solo for him. He started drawing a blank on some of the lyrics and Liam then took over and finished. While Liam and Niall finished out the song, Louis helped Harry sit down.

"Honey, are you okay? I can't sit with you because management will kill me. Are you sure you'll be alright sitting here for a while?" Louis asked.

Harry nodded. "Go, I'll be okay as long as someone else sings my solos."

Louis smiled sadly and patted him on the knee before he got up. He slowly ventured away from Harry and walked over to Liam as Niall talked to the fans.

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