Christmas Crisis-Louis (and Niall) injured

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I know it's been a while since I updated.  I had pneumonia for two weeks, but now I feel like writing again.  This is for speedypie.  She's got a 1D story called Sixth Member if you're interested in reading that.  

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It was their last song to sing at the Christmas charity concert. The boys donned their Santa hats with bells on top as Harry announced the last song. "Thank you for coming tonight and have a very Happy Christmas!"

The auditorium was filled with Christmas spirit, decorated to the brim in lights, fake snow, and tinsel. It always felt good to give to charity at this time of year. Tomorrow would be Christmas day. When the concert was over, everyone wanted to hang out at Harry and Louis's house. They got on the bus and made their way there.

When they arrived and unboarded the bus, it had started snowing. They entered the house after Louis unlocked the front door, brushing the snow from their hair. It was still light out, at least for another hour, and the boys didn't have anywhere to go until tomorrow when they would join their families for the holiday.

"Lads, how about we play in the snow for a while?" Niall asked, his nose already pink from the cold.

"But we just got here," Louis said, already halfway done with taking off his coat.

"I know but it's fresh snow and it'll only be light out for a little while." Niall was still full of energy from the concert and he needed to let it out.

"Yeah, come on, mates. I say we go," Liam said.

The rest of the boys followed suit as Liam and Niall headed excitedly out to the backyard. Niall began forming large snowballs and throwing them at unsuspecting people. Louis attacked back, trying to make them bigger so they'd be sure to hit his target. Soon all the boys were joining in and it was one massive snowball fight.

After a while they made snowmen and snow angels until they were freezing, noses running. Suddenly, Harry made an announcement from the porch. Niall had no idea when Harry had left them to go inside. He must have been too busy playing around.

"Hot chocolate's ready! Come and get it!" Harry yelled with a satisfied grin.

Everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at Harry. Louis and Niall looked at each other, raising their eyebrows, both knowing what the other was intending. It was a race. They took off running toward the porch, going as fast as their heavy coats would allow. Liam trailed slowly behind them. Harry was all smiles, glad to have made them this happy just by offering them a drink.

Their shoes left prints in the snow as they ran, huffing and puffing as their white breath left their open mouths. Shoes finally met the pavement, but not for long. After Niall's feet found the hard cement, a slick patch of ice shot his legs out from under him and he was down on the ground in a quick second.

With Louis's speed, he didn't even see it coming. Louis slipped as well and then tripped over a fallen Niall, catching himself with his arm and then rolling over to the other side of Niall. The pain was immediate for both of them.

"Oh!" cried Niall from the ground.

"Ah!" Louis yelled, clutching his right arm. They were both moaning and clutching their injured body parts with pain written all over their faces.

"You lads okay?" Liam asked, walking faster to get to them.

Harry was already bent over and checking on them, highly concerned. "Louis, you alright?" His automatic response was to first see if his husband was ok. Liam was already at Niall's side, seeing about him.

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